Inbox to Income by Thierry Augustin

Inbox to Income

Success is in the System! Start using email marketing strategically to connect with customers and grow your sales!


A jam-packed course that will help you use email marketing to create consistent revenue in your online store.


Listen, I get it. Running an online business is scary. The pressure is on. There are so many decisions to make. It's either feast or famine. Sometimes it feels like an episode of Game of Thrones.

Yes, there's the thrill of entrepreneurship.

But NO ONE likes a ride on the sales rollercoaster--up one day, down the next--hoping that you can scrape by to stay in business for another month, week, or day.

Tiring? Definitely.

Overwhelming? You bet.

Maybe you've even convinced yourself that these are just growing pains, that everyone who wants to be successful goes through some tough times. And, you know, eventually things will work themselves out.

But not everything that sounds right is right.

Let me explain.

You've probably heard some inspiring rags to riches stories. But what often doesn't get mentioned, what won't make the headlines, are the people who follow the breadcrumbs of success.

Sure, you have outliers, icons and titans of industry.

But most successful people know that there is a trail, a path, a system that yields consistent results.

Maybe you've been frustrated because you're missing a system in your business, a way to consistently get random strangers on the Internet to shop with you over and over again. Because, if you haven't heard, businesses are built on repeat customers.

Don't believe me?

Let's dig a little deeper.

You want a new customer (duh, Thierry).

So you set up an ad that leads to a $30 product with a 15% off promo code. Enticing.

It takes $3 to convert that lead into a new customer (on a good day), who is now only paying you $25.50. It takes $5 to make the product, $7 dollars to ship the product and you're hoping, wishing and praying that nothing goes wrong with the shipment or that your new customer doesn't request a refund.

But, alas, Murphy's Law. Everything that can go wrong actually does.


The package is lost, that customer is livid and here you go (again) coming out of pocket to try to salvage that relationship.

Your profit? It's actually in the negative.

And that customer? They may never shop with you again.

Imagine, you just paid to lose a customer.

And now you have to start the process all over again.


If that horror story sounds familiar, you're not alone.

Constantly chasing customers can be expensive.

And unfortunately, most companies miss a goldmine that's right under their noses--EXISTING customers.

That's right, the folks who have already spent their hard-earned cash are just sitting there, twiddling their virtual thumbs, waiting to buy again...but they haven't heard a peep from you.

You see, the transaction really begins after that first purchase. That's your chance to go from (hopefully) breaking even on your acquisition costs to turning that buyer into a profit stream for your business.

But how?

Email marketing.

You see, companies that sell more simply communicate better. They make real connections, share value and oh yeah, they send emails…consistently.

That's a breadcrumb I've followed and one that's helped clients create consistent revenue and maximize ROI --all by pushing send. 

You need buyers to shop more and more often. Larger carts with less time between purchases equal big smiles (and BIG profits).

But how do you get there?

Well, here's a fun fact: every transaction ends in an inbox.

Regardless of what you sell online, people inevitably need to get notified that yes they indeed paid for the product they ordered and yes they should expect to receive it in [insert time frame here], with a few updates along the way. All that happens with email.

So wouldn’t it make sense that if transactions end in an inbox, then they can start there as well? That’s the magic of email marketing.

The numbers speak for themselves. On average, email brings in $44 for every $1 spent. That’s serious bank. And by far the most cost effective marketing tool you can use. 

By now, I’m sure some questions are sneaking their way into your mind: 
Can this really work? How much email is too much? Will my customers hate me and unsubscribe? Or worse, report me as SPAM?
Panic ensues, more headaches creep in and you figure you’ll take the ‘safe’ route and just not even email at all. 
The bad news? Those same folks that you were worried about losing have forgotten about you, tucked you away in their inbox of indifference and probably wouldn’t open an email from you until the next big Cyber Monday deal. Yikes.
Maybe you’re wondering why you’re rarely seeing repeat customers, if at all. Obviously, your products are awesome—they shipped on time or early, arrived in attractive packaging, the works. 
But still, you can’t turn that one-time buyer into a rabid fan—you know, the one that tells their friends, colleagues and even the meter maid about your brand.
So what gives?
You’re missing the S-Y-S-T-E-M. You need a way to consistently take that website visitor from browser to buyer to brand fan. 
Email marketing doesn’t work without a plan to greet prospects and customers alike with relevant, engaging, and compelling messaging, something that lets your products scream ‘BUY ME!’ and actually motivates subscribers to act.
That’s why I created Inbox to Income, to give motivated, self-starters like you (with a slightly tighter budget) my step-by-step system that guides you on how to implement the tactics I’ve used to drive more e-commerce sales. 
This course gives you the foundation in why email marketing works and shows you how to make it work for you—with my strategies, templates, and real life examples to help you maximize email as a revenue-generating platform. 

How different would things be if you could: 

  • Save on ad costs (FREEDOM!)

  • Drive more repeat business (and at larger cart values)

  • Get customers to refer new leads (yes please)

And have a database of engaged shoppers waiting on what you have to sell them next!

You see, dreams can come true-- with the right system.

You'd have more cash to reinvest in your business (and finally be able to take that vacation).

If you've been burning the midnight oil, obsessing over how you can be better and sell more, it's finally time for you to get some sleep--and make money while catching those zzz's.

It's time to invest in that system. That's why I created Inbox to Income.
Here’s what you get: 

  • 8 Jam-packed Video Modules
  • Course Workbook
  • Guides, Checklists,Cheat Sheets, and Copy-and-Paste Templates 

Here's what you'll do:

Learn how to turn clicks into sales with strategic email marketing. It's that simple.

Enroll in Inbox to Income today and get the system for driving more sales to your ecommerce business. 

What's included?

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Before You Get Started
Welcome to Inbox to Income!
8 mins
Download the Workbook
392 KB
Lesson One: Email Marketing Explained
The Inbox: Your Gateway to More Profit
12 mins
Lesson Two: Learning the Lingo
Navigating The Email Marketing Landscape
10 mins
Email Marketing Glossary
187 KB
Lesson Three: Lead Generation and The Buyer Journey
Who You're Selling To and Why They're Buying
19 mins
Getting To Know Your Customer
232 KB
Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet
559 KB
3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List
697 KB
Lesson Four: Creating a Promotional Calendar
It Starts with a Sales Plan
18 mins
Product Promotion Sheet
73.9 KB
Promotional Calendar Template (Spreadsheet)
44.2 KB
Lesson Five: Types of Emails
The What, When and Why Behind Email Marketing
16 mins
Welcome Sequence Template
304 KB
More Automation Templates to Use
634 KB
Lesson Six: Email Marketing in Action
Follow the Leaders
29 mins
Email Marketing Cheat Sheet
198 KB
Lesson Seven: Troubleshooting & Optimization
Getting It Right
17 mins
Staying SPAM free
102 KB
Subject Line Formulas
280 KB
BONUS Lesson: Boosting Holiday Revenue
Rising Above the Noise of Sales Season
11 mins
Holiday Sales Guide + Email Templates
298 KB

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Thierry Augustin helps ecommerce businesses make more money. He is the Founder of Stellar Emails, an email marketing management service for online retailers. Through online courses, in-person workshops, and speaking engagements Thierry helps e-commerce entrepreneurs use email marketing to connect with customers and increase revenue.