Inbox to Income by Thierry Augustin

Inbox to Income

Success is in the System! Start using email marketing strategically to connect with customers and grow your sales!

What do all successful businesses have in common?

A steady stream of REPEAT customers! 

New customers come at a cost. Think about it. You spent money on ads, then (if you’re like most companies) offered them a discount for their first purchase. 

Hopefully you broke even. 

But you’re really banking on getting them in the door and then turning them into a lifelong customer...somehow. 

So what’s your strategy? Again, if you’re like most businesses, you probably email every once in a while, not often enough to matter unless there’s another big discount.

See the trend? If shoppers only want to shop when you’re almost giving away your products, then you’re also giving away your profit. 

So what can you do? 

You can keep doing the same thing and: 

  • Hope that you can keep scraping together ad money
  • Keep offering big discounts to drum up more sales (and hoping you can survive)
  • Bombard their inboxes during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to try and make up the difference

Or you can learn the right strategy...

how to create a consistent dialogue with your email list so you can see consistent sales; how to turn email into a revenue generating machine that responds to what your customers actually care about. 

How different would things be if you could: 

  • Save on ad costs (FINALLY!)
  • Drive more repeat business (with customers that buy more when they return)
  • Get loyal customers to refer new leads (yes, please!)

And have a database of engaged shoppers waiting on what you have to sell them next!

That's why I created Inbox to Income

With Inbox to Income, you’ll learn: 

  • How to create a promotional calendar so you can consistently send relevant offers
  • How to create irresistible subject lines that supercharge your open rates
  • How to use strategic promotions to boost your average order values
  • How to segment your list by behavior to increase clicks and purchases
  • How to use automation to build trust and affinity with new subscribers (and turn them into customers)
  • How to stop your messages from landing in the SPAM folder
  • How to turn your most loyal customers into virtual salespeople (and get new leads every month)
  • How to use emails to 2X or more your holiday sales (and not just on Black Friday or Cyber Monday)

PLUS you’ll get my guides, checklists,cheat sheets, and copy-and-paste templates!

This jam-packed course features 8 modules and your course workbook so you can strategize as you learn. With just over 2 hours of focused content, you can learn everything you need to launch a profitable email marketing plan and start implementing right away! 

So what are you waiting for? 

If you’re ready to drive consistent revenue in your online store, to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers and fans, then sign up for Inbox to Income today!


What's included?

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Here's what you'll learn:

Before You Get Started
Welcome to Inbox to Income!
8 mins
Download the Workbook
392 KB
Lesson One: Email Marketing Explained
The Inbox: Your Gateway to More Profit
12 mins
Lesson Two: Learning the Lingo
Navigating The Email Marketing Landscape
10 mins
Email Marketing Glossary
187 KB
Lesson Three: Lead Generation and The Buyer Journey
Who You're Selling To and Why They're Buying
19 mins
Getting To Know Your Customer
232 KB
Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet
559 KB
3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List
697 KB
Lesson Four: Creating a Promotional Calendar
It Starts with a Sales Plan
18 mins
Product Promotion Sheet
73.9 KB
Promotional Calendar Template (Spreadsheet)
44.2 KB
Lesson Five: Types of Emails
The What, When and Why Behind Email Marketing
16 mins
Welcome Sequence Template
304 KB
More Automation Templates to Use
634 KB
Lesson Six: Email Marketing in Action
Follow the Leaders
29 mins
Email Marketing Cheat Sheet
198 KB
Lesson Seven: Troubleshooting & Optimization
Getting It Right
17 mins
Staying SPAM free
102 KB
Subject Line Formulas
280 KB
BONUS Lesson: Boosting Holiday Revenue
Rising Above the Noise of Sales Season
11 mins
Holiday Sales Guide + Email Templates
298 KB

Tools to Grow Your eCommerce Business

Thierry Augustin helps ecommerce businesses make more money. He is the founder of Sent, an email marketing management agency for beauty, fashion and fitness brands. Through online courses, in-person workshops, and speaking engagements Thierry helps eCommerce entrepreneurs use email marketing to connect with customers and drive more revenue.