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Thierry Augustin helps ecommerce businesses make more money. He is the founder of Sent, an email marketing management agency for beauty, fashion and fitness brands. Through online courses, in-person workshops, and speaking engagements Thierry helps eCommerce entrepreneurs use email marketing to connect with customers and drive more revenue.

Copy to Cash

A 2-hour masterclass that will help you clearly and easily write product descriptions that connect with your ideal customer, highlight the value of your product and compel them to buy NOW!               ________________________________________________________________________________ If you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur who’s been burning the midnight oil with no or low sales to show for it then I’ve got something to tell you.  Selling products online comes with a steep learning curve. And I've found that you just don't know what you don't know! Maybe you're a little ashamed because things are moving slower than you thought they would. You're even a bit worried that the naysayers might have been right, maybe you're not cut out to be an entrepreneur. But the good news is: you started! You launched your business while most people are still dreaming about ‘Someday’. You just need to get to the next level in your business.  And I can help you clear away the roadblocks to your success. So what’s the issue? You have an amazing product, high quality professional product photos, your website looks professional and is easy to navigate? Check! But for some reason, things aren't clicking like they're supposed to. What's the problem? I’m sure you've noticed but I'll tell you anyway. Out of everyone that visits your site, everyone that clicks to your homepage or product pages, you can't get them to stick around long enough to buy from you. You're just not making conversions .  You've tried seasonal promotions, reaching out to press and bloggers, even deep discounts but for some reason you just can't get CONSISTENT sales.  It seems like you're doing everything right--running online ads, posting regularly on social media, even sending a weekly email newsletter, but you can't seem to crack the code.  You need a way to make more sales or you're worried that you won't be in business much longer. That's every entrepreneur’s nightmare!  Maybe you think it's just the growing pains of owning a business and that eventually things will turn around and you just have to hang in there through the lean times. But here's the truth: you don't have to struggle for sales.    How would your life be different if you had: • More traction on your ads • More click-throughs on your emails • More interest from top media sources • More (consistent) sales What would it feel like to actually reach the goals you set? Wouldn't you feel more confident in your business ( instead of feeling drained by the stress of it all )?  Wouldn't that validate the risk you took by becoming an entrepreneur in the first place?  All those sleepless nights trying to make things happen shouldn't go to waste. And they don't have to. So what's the solution? Most e-commerce business owners would just run more ads, post more often on social media, send out more emails, and beg for more attention from press. But doing more of what's not working only makes things worse. And you are not like most business owners . You want a solution that you can rely on and that's why I created Copy to Cash .  Copy to Cash is a 2-hour masterclass that teaches you the exact formula I use (step-by-step) to create copy that converts. Don't believe you have a copy issue? Let's put that theory to the test .   Pull up one of your product descriptions. Seriously, I'll wait . Then do me a favor and read it out loud. Now if you only had 5 seconds to explain why someone should by it, 5 seconds to turn a browser into a buyer, do you think you'd make a sale?  Probably...not.  That's what it's like when folks shop online.  If you can't make your product mean something by making the person who is browsing your site FEEL something, then you might as well delete the 'add to cart' button.   With the right copy, you can: • Decrease bounce rates • Get more email sign ups • Attract more likes, follows, and shares • Actually have ads that people click on • Increase click-through percentages • Turn heads with the right influencers   And boost sales!   Why? Because copy connects . Think about all the brands in your category, especially the ones that are doing better than you are (so far). Now think about the top retail brands in general. They've all mastered one thing: communication. They all have a clear message targeted to their specific customer.  Global leaders like Apple, McDonald's, Starbucks--and companies like Honest, Rent the Runway, Glossier-- all use their voice (copy) to inform, invite, and influence.  When customers land on those sites they know why they're there, what they need, and how to get it.  Great copy simplifies the purchase process, putting the right words in the right order for the right person at the right time.  You want the 'no-brainer' buy. Why? Because customers need to instantly recognize that the product is for them. Whenever I work with a struggling e-commerce entrepreneur, one of my first questions is: "are you selling to the wrong person?" You could have the best product at the best price but without the best copy--copy that g rabs attention, holds interest, creates desire and motivates action -- that product will collect dust on your virtual shelf.  Want a cure for low sales? Learn to communicate with your desired customer through compelling copy.  The choice is yours: you can leave things as they are and hope that somehow the code cracks itself and sales find their way to you or you can be proactive and get the tools to make that purchase a no-brainer . If you're ready to transform your business and convert more browsers into buyers, click the button above to get instant access to the Copy to Cash masterclass and start to write engaging copy that brings more money to your online business.    I've spent years helping companies big and small reformat their communication. Because if you can't communicate then you can't sell . Period. There are no two ways about it. Customers can only respond to what you say about your product. Some brands have trouble figuring out what to say in the first place But you can say all the right things in the wrong order and still lose out on the sale. Why? Because sales aren't random .  They follow a system.  You're here because something isn't working in your business like you know it could. Something has to change!  So if you're sick of feeling stuck and scared, if you're tired of questions like "do we have enough for this?" or "is this out of our budget?", if you want to go from a struggling entrepreneur to a leader in your business and a hero to your family--to have a business that you can be proud of-- then Copy to Cash is for you.  With Copy to Cash, you'll be able to create: • Attention-grabbing headlines • Buzz-worthy tag lines  • Compelling product descriptions  • Powerful Ad copy Plus, we'll do step-by-step breakdowns of some of the best examples online so you can apply the same strategies to your business! Not to mention direct access to my checklists, templates, and step-by-step process, things that I'm using right now to make businesses better.  Don't waste another day being frustrated by what's not working! Get the confidence and skills you need to turn your business around. Enroll in Copy to Cash today! What you get: • 10 video modules • Downloadable 60-page workbook • Lifetime access • The step by step system you need to get results What you do: Create a system for consistent sales by using clear, compelling copy! The time is NOW! Enroll in Copy to Cash today!
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Inbox to Income

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Product Popularity

A downloadable .PDF guide that will help you discover the types of influencer collaborations to pursue, when to get in contact with influencers and most importantly HOW to get a response. Comes with 11 done-for-you email templates so you can just copy + paste to get started!     _____________________________________________________________________________________ Brands are constantly battling for the right attention from the right people, those interested in what you offer and who are actually willing to buy. And while the mainstays of SEO, digital advertising and branded content are still effective ways to reach consumers, a recent crop of new online authorities are staking their claim to the digital landscape. They are influencers– bloggers, journalists, industry experts and social celebrities with a captive audience of fans and followers. These influencers have one thing that all online brands need: trust.   Brands that align themselves with the right influencers now get direct access to a whole new online sales channel. Influencer marketing is not just the next big thing, it’s becoming the new standard for online retailers wanting to connect with an engaged consumer base. That means product reviews, social campaigns and brand ambassadorships. You’ve probably even seen them come across your screen: exclusive collaborations with multi-national brands, in-store activations or special promotions that bring exposure, interest and most importantly, sales! But how do you work with influencers for your online business? How do you get that kind of reach, exposure, and profits for your brand? It can be intimidating, especially with an ever-widening pool of influencers to choose from and so many others brands jumping on the influencers bandwagon. Companies like yours need to know how to select them, how to contact them and how to seal the deal. But how do you position your brand for a successful influencer partnership? How do you set clear goals that they can actually deliver on where it counts–your bottom line? GET INSTANT ACCESS TO PRODUCT POPULARITY: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO USING INFLUENCER MARKETING TO GROW YOUR ECOMMERCE BUSINESS! YOU’LL DISCOVER: Why influencer marketing works What types of partnerships influencers and brands are looking for Why you should add it to your business strategy How to know which partnerships are right for your business PLUS, 11 done-for-you email templates to copy and paste You need a strategy! You’ve heard it before: a goal without a plan is just a wish! And if you want to get your products in front of the right people, bump up your search ranking on Google, and bring in more sales for your online business, you need to know how to work with influencers. The only way to get the most out of your influencer relationships is to match the right approach with the right goals and the right offer. That’s why I created Product Popularity, a step-by-step guide to using influencer marketing to grow your ecommerce business. In it, you’ll discover the types of influencer collaborations to pursue, which are best for your online business, when to get in touch and most importantly HOW to get a response with 11 done-for-you email templates. That’s right, getting in front of new eyes can be as simple as copy and paste. Want to add influencer marketing to your online business strategy? Get instant access to Product Popularity.
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Ecommerce Email Marketing 101

A downloadable .PDF guide that will help you start using email marketing in your online business today! Comes with 16 done-for-you email templates so you can just copy + paste to get started.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you know what all successful online businesses have in common? Yes, they make a ton of money– that’s the easy answer. But how? What takes them from a handful of customers to stacks of new and repeat orders everyday? Email. Think about it: how often do you check your email? Google reports that 91% of email users check their inbox at least once a day. That means an overwhelming majority of your customers are in one place at least once a day. Email is not just a way to keep customers informed, it’s a whole new sales channel. The reason folks shop online is convenience and nothing is more convenient than meeting someone right where they are. You may be thinking “how do I even get started?” It can be overwhelming. Most companies look at email as a burden, something else to add to the already too-long to-do list. They think “what do I have to say?”, “is there such a thing as too much email?”, “will it make me lose a customer?”. Maybe you’ve thought the same thing. And that’s okay. When you don’t know what to do, confusion often leads to fear– and fear is paralyzing. But you know what helps? Having a proven strategy! DISCOVER THE ESSENTIALS OF EMAIL MARKETING + 16 COPY-AND-PASTE TEMPLATES! How to welcome customers to your email list How to connect customers to your brand What to do with abandoned carts What to say after an order is placed How to ask for product reviews How to get back in touch w/ customers who’ve fallen off the map Successful online businesses view email as a bridge, a direct line to customers. You just need to understand what customers care about, what they expect and when. There are ‘must-send’ emails, foundations to every email strategy. And there are also innovative ways to grab customers attention and hold their interest, eventually driving them to the shopping cart.  So how do you make the most of privileged access to an inbox? You need to start from square one. Having a dedicated sequence of emails helps you stay ‘top of mind’, keeping you on a customer’s radar consistently and building rapport until shopping with you becomes a no-brainer. And that’s why I created E-COMMERCE EMAIL MARKETING 101, a complete guide to jump starting your email marketing strategy with 16 done-for-you email templates so you can copy and paste your way to email marketing success. So what are you waiting for? Take your sales strategy to the next level and get instant access to E-COMMERCE EMAIL MARKETING 101.
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15 Brilliant Ecommerce Product Descriptions (& why they work so well)

This free .pdf download will show you amazing product descriptions from major online retailers and break down why it works well so you can implement the same tenets in your online store.
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3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Ecommerce Email List

This free .pdf download will give you the 4-1-1 on best list growth practices in the ecommerce industry. Implement one today in your business.
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Ecommerce Success: The Ultimate Guide to Making Sales in Your Online Store

This free .pdf download covers EVERYTHING you need to know about current marketing strategies that you should introduce to your business in order to rake in the big bucks!
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